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is clj a kind of leiningen replacement ?


Yes and no. clj (and clojure) is the official CLI from the Nubank/Cognitect/Clojure-core team. It lets you run Clojure programs (and REPLs).


Leiningen also lets you run Clojure programs and REPLs but also includes stuff to build JAR and uberjar files and run tests and so on.


The Clojure CLI supports all of that (and more) through additional simple tools/libraries that you add as dependencies (similar to how you would add plugins to Leiningen).


At work, we started with Leiningen back in 2011 because that was the only option. We switched completely to Boot in 2015 and completely to the new CLI/`deps.edn` tooling in 2018 and we've been very happy with that choice.


I think the Clojure CLI is much, much better for beginners to get up and running with. It's much simpler than Leiningen (even if it isn't perhaps as easy).


As a taste of what you can do with the CLI/`deps.edn`, see my or John Stevenson's


Hi @U04V70XH6 thanks for the detailled reply it's more clear for me yep


From a getting started point of view, lein new app will produce a simple application that you can lein run and lein test etc (and lein uberjar too). With the Clojure CLI, you need to use (which is also made available as part of ), but then you can do clojure -A:new app to produce a simple application that you can clojure -m to run, clojure -A:test to run tests, and clojure -A:uberjar to build an uber-JAR file. So it requires a little more setup than Leiningen but can do everything the same otherwise.

Michell Ayala-Galván14:09:59

Hi guys, is there any tool like prettier but for clojure/clojurescript? 🙂

Lennart Buit15:09:13

clj-kondo, eastwood spring to mind

Michell Ayala-Galván12:09:29

thanks for the link 🙂