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I’m sometimes seeing very slow neovim performance when the floating window results shows up. If I remember to scroll the log down so that results appear there then everything is fine.


Is there a way to debug this? I’m trying to find a command to clear the log output but I can’t. Should I just delete all contents of the buffer?


:thinking_face: huh I've never noticed any performance issues with the HUD, even on slow machines.


I just clear the log but deleting the contents if I accidentally print 10k lines


As in ,lvdgg:q


I do wonder if it is the HUD, I think I need to do some benchmarking... after I add benchmarking tools to Aniseed


The slowest thing I've found is extracting forms (especially while typing for local context autocompletion) from VERY large buffers, like 1k+ lines with hundreds of forms.


I have plans to turn off some of those things that take a while when you're typing for slower machines. I'm still holding out for tree-sitter to some extent, that will mean I can delete a huge chunk of manual hunting for forms. This doesn't help your issue though @orestis :thinking_face: I do wonder if you have another plugin that's firing on window open? Because Conjure does very little work when the HUD opens.