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video is private / broken...


@everyone hi gang! It came to my attention today that I actually need to review rules about content ownership and dissemination (legal blah blah) in order to make sure we do things by the  book, so for the time being I've had to remove all the videos from the official channel. Each of the speakers has more or less posted their own content on their own social channels so you can find them there. Once I have an understanding about all the rules etc. then we will repost the content following the prescribed guidelines.

Thanks for your patience! Sorry for the annoyance.
From the vimconf discord 😞


Eww legal things


So hopefully they'll all be back up soon


(I'm uploading my personal recording at the moment)


Enjoyed this! I’ll have to peek into your dotfiles for some cool stuff too :)

🎉 3

I’m sometimes seeing very slow neovim performance when the floating window results shows up. If I remember to scroll the log down so that results appear there then everything is fine.


Is there a way to debug this? I’m trying to find a command to clear the log output but I can’t. Should I just delete all contents of the buffer?


:thinking_face: huh I've never noticed any performance issues with the HUD, even on slow machines.


I just clear the log but deleting the contents if I accidentally print 10k lines


As in ,lvdgg:q


I do wonder if it is the HUD, I think I need to do some benchmarking... after I add benchmarking tools to Aniseed


The slowest thing I've found is extracting forms (especially while typing for local context autocompletion) from VERY large buffers, like 1k+ lines with hundreds of forms.


I have plans to turn off some of those things that take a while when you're typing for slower machines. I'm still holding out for tree-sitter to some extent, that will mean I can delete a huge chunk of manual hunting for forms. This doesn't help your issue though @orestis :thinking_face: I do wonder if you have another plugin that's firing on window open? Because Conjure does very little work when the HUD opens.