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hi all. does anyone know what is mode-line-org-clock toggler for ?


when toggling it, literally nothing happens


@bravilogy the documentation for mode-line-org-clock ( SPC h d f followed by the function name ) is not helpful in this case. I assumed it was for Clocking your time in org-mode


The org-mode menu seems to work better, , C


I thought it had something to do with my agenda


Its a bit of a mystery to me (I should read the docs). I cant seem to start the org-clock, so probably one reason I dont get a display in the mode line


definitely seems to be for timing how long you took on a task, which I assume goes into your TODO's and possibly your agenda... If you find out anything interesting, would love to know. I havent used agenda much either, probably because my TODO's are very messy at the moment

Jesse Sherlock20:05:03

the mode-line-org-clock toggle adds the current name of the heading and the time? to the modeline


currently clocked-in item

Jesse Sherlock20:05:56

It seems to me that the time added is the length of the last closed time segment ... but it seems like it should be showing the current one

Jesse Sherlock20:05:08

ah, it shows the current total for the current item/heading? that makes sense