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Anyone in here got a step by step to connect to Datomic Cloud from Heroku?


if your app is written in Clojure, you don't need anything other than Datomic Cloud to run it.


i'm also curious about this. wouldn't you need to run some (SOCKS) proxy to the cloud VPC in order for the Heroku container to execute queries via datomic.client.api?


otherwise you need some AWS architecture in the middle, such as API Gateway to manage queries?


not a step by step guide. but the approach is probably to expose some sort of HTTP API and call that via a service running in Heroku


where does datomic cloud get its load path from? I'm getting the error

:datomic.cluster-node/-main failed: Could not locate ion_sample/ion__init.class, ion_sample/ion.clj or ion_sample/ion.cljc on classpath.
but I can't seem to find that reference anywhere in my project