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sadly both variants are not working 😞 same error as before


well the only think i wish that could work is like in emacs/spacemacs that i can have multiple nrepl connection 🙂


But in order to have multiple connections you'll need to first be able to have one.


yeah with the current calva 1.x it works fine 😄


So, first I need to fix the bug. But it is still strange that you get the ”no project.clj file found” in jack-in. Can you describe the project layout some and from where you open the vscode window?


VSCode: open in the root folder where i have all my clojure projects checkedout Example: repos/<projects> then i open vscode with the contextmenu in repos project layout is normal in the root of the project is the project.clj and then i have src/clj and src/cljs


Not following ”then i open vscode with the contextmenu in repos”.


in windows you can right-click in the window explorer and there i have the option open with vscode


So then a vscode window opens with a project.clj in the root of that session?


And you still get that message? Hmm. Do you have the projectDir setting set to something?


well depends if i open the project directly or the folder where i have all my projects i tried with opening the project directly, then the project.clj is found in the root -> did not work tried setting the projectDir to the project name and open the folder with all projects -> did not work


Very strange.


Hello. I noticed the following - code evaluation work, but not Go to / peek definition doesn’t. After some digging through the issues, I realised, that I need to do Calva: Evaluate current file in the particular file. Then go to definition works. However, in a bigger project it is tedious to go to every single file and evaluate it. Is there a way to evaluate the whole project and have Go to definition work in every file?


If you evaluate a file that requires a lot of the project that should happen, I think...


Got it, thank you!


just an aside, I've not been helping out much, but I have been following dev branch fairly religiously. Always pleasantly surprised that things just keep working in my wacky setup. Nice job


one minor nit, which might not mean much, is that the auto-surf to :3449 doesn't help me much. The way Im setup, I have to start my server to serve the pages, or the API isn't there, so this (at least for me) is always the wrong answer.

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That seems to be the correct thing to do for cljs only project, but doubt the utility of it in a full-stack setting.


but, this thing in so-much-better-shape than it was a month ago.