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Alex Davidson Bryan10:05:30

btw turns out my issue was just that the artifactId was just named something I wasn't expecting 🤷


Is there a way to use a Maven plugin with nested configuration with leiningen? The example only has flat parameters, but what I'm after is a way of declaring (and being able to use) the Avro Maven plugins - see beginning of Specifically this:



@sgerguri do you just mean to do :pom-additions and run mvn via the generated pom.xml?


I’m not sure which example you are referring to that “only has flat parameters”


And leiningen will not be able to execute a Maven plugin at all. It can just generate you a pom.xml that you could then use Maven itself on.


@mikerod Ah that's useful to know. Guess I will have to generate the pom file and take it from there with maven. Thanks!

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