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I am on the development mode and I just updated and apparently it switched to Treemacs — I can’t see where it is an improvement and I am having trouble adding new projects and directories don’t snow up unless they are in a project — how do I go back to neotree?


That said, I've found Treemacs way better personally, but only in GUI mode


I want to like it but it seems that everytime I try to change to my local directory I get a message that says: does not fall under any project in the workspace —


@U054219BT treemacs has something like two ways of operation. On one, you just browse a directory and use h and l to go up and down the tree, and on the other, you add several projects, and this disables the h and l navigation. Although this isn't intuitive to newcommers (at least wasn't for me) I grew up to love it and consider it a major improvement over neotree. I would say to give it a bit more time and check


So basically, add one project and start moving up and down with h and l and it will be almost like neotree. Also, press tab on a code file to check how it integrates tags beautifully 🙂 You can jump directly to a definition instead of opening the file and browsing it.


Normally, I will use the multi-project approach (I believe most users of treemacs do), because it helps me a lot to visualize the projects that I must work on and quickly switch between them. That said, I absolutely love the possibility to delete all the projects and browse the file hierarchy, especially when I'm studying a deeply nested project or when I'm doing exercises for a specific book or tutorial, so I can go back and forth the many examples.


I believe the central aspect is that you may be used to neotree as a file browser, and mostly it is assumed you will use something like helm or ido to find files. So it may be frustrating to you that this is just assumed. I believe treemacs is a helper, a visual aid, and mostly not supposed to replace ido or helm, and also not meant to replace the integration of projectile with those tools. In this sense, it is less than neotree while at the same time it is more elegant and integrates better with the other tools.


Sorry, I'm trying to help but I'm really sleepy so ended up writing too much.


I read and experimented further and I Like Treemacs - Just had to get used to it Thnka

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