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So upon re-installing spacemacs. I've found that flycheck is no longer linting clojure. It is correctly linting bash scripts It's installed

joker -v
I have it set in my dotspacemacs/user-config
(require 'flycheck-joker)
  (add-to-list 'flycheck-global-modes 'clojure-mode)
  (add-to-list 'flycheck-global-modes 'clojurescript-mode)
I have syntax-checking enabled in the layers. verify-setup says its' working:
Syntax checkers for buffer me.clj in clojure-mode:
    - may enable: yes
    - predicate:  nil
    - executable: Found at /usr/bin/joker

    - may enable: yes
    - predicate:  t
    - executable: Found at /usr/bin/joker

Flycheck Mode is enabled. Use M-m u C-c ! x to enable disabled checkers.


Flycheck version: 32snapshot (package: 20181018.1021)
Emacs version:    26.1
System:           x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
Window system:    x


Can anyone think of what might be wrong here?


yah, I've noticed that too.. frustrating


why are if-not and as-> does 3 spaces indent instead of 2? This is annoying as my co-workers all has 2 indenting in their editor, our PRs keep having indention wars. I can add (put-clojure-indent 'if-not 2) into my dot file, but that’s iffy.


Wow, I never noticed that. I can't think of any reason why it would work that way.


I would either do the put-clojure-indent thing you mentioned, ask #cider, or look further in GitHub issues and the like to see if somebody's discussed this before.


Frustrating … can I confirm that you all having the same indenting behavior?

Mario C.21:11:47

How do I add a break point in a function? SPC m d b ?

Mario C.21:11:11

That doesn't seem to work because when I call that function in my REPL nothing happens.


@petr @ag I am using the clojure-lint layer with Spacemacs develop and linting seems to be working just fine with Joker. I am still on Emacs, but assume its not the version of Emacs that is the problem if it was working before.


I have updated things and hooray… joker works again… gosh… you get used to nice things and you start panicking when they’re suddenly gone


@jr0cket thansk for the response. Emacs is updated. I hope that's not the issue as I'm not sure exactly which version I was on before


I have Emacs 27 on an older laptop, so will set up Joker and give it a test to see if it works


It doesn't seem that that layer is available to me thoguh:

Testing settings in dotspacemacs/layers [[file:/home/peter/.spacemacs::dotspacemacs/layers][Show in File]]
** TEST: Each path in [[file:/home/peter/.spacemacs::dotspacemacs-configuration-layer-path][dotspacemacs-configuration-layer-path]] is a string
** TEST: Each path in [[file:/home/peter/.spacemacs::dotspacemacs-configuration-layer-path][dotspacemacs-configuration-layer-path]] exists in filesystem
** TEST: Each layer in [[file:/home/peter/.spacemacs::dotspacemacs-configuration-layers][dotspacemacs-configuration-layers]] can be found
*** PASS: html
*** PASS: ansible
*** PASS: colors
*** PASS: nginx
*** PASS: python
*** PASS: ruby
*** PASS: javascript
*** PASS: yaml
*** PASS: clojure
*** PASS: helm
*** PASS: auto-completion
*** PASS: better-defaults
*** PASS: emacs-lisp
*** PASS: git
*** PASS: markdown
*** PASS: org
*** FAIL: clojure-lint


On the develop branch that is


@petr sorry my mistake, you have to clone the layer first, then add the layer to .spacemacs. Details are on the github page


If you look in the packages.el file for that layer, they configure things slightly differently it seems.


(defconst clojure-lint-packages

(defun clojure-lint/init-flycheck-joker ()
  (use-package flycheck-joker))

(defun clojure-lint/post-init-flycheck ()
  (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook 'flycheck-mode))


So I downgraded flycheck-joker and linting is working again


It seems another package is broken 😕


@petr latest flycheck-joker won't work with joker v0.9.2 due to this change: I recommend updating to the latest joker (0.10.1) and then to the latest flycheck-joker


@U75LX44UA Thank you. I'll put this on my list for tomorrow


Oh dear. The last flycheck package I downloaded was version flycheck-20180907.1319 which seems to be working okay.


I had 20181021.xxxx


Its borked


Good to know, I'll keep an eye out for a new version before updating the packages, thanks.


@mario.cordova.862 I have a breakpoint working (Spacemacs develop branch, with sayid package set to false). I put the cursor on the s of the str function call in the foo function definition. Then when I call foo with an argument, up pops the debugging options and the result of the expression (which I can interact with). It seems I can also inject values into the x argument of the str call). I am no expert at this, so this is just what I figured out.


Thanks for chiming in!

Mario C.22:11:49

@jr0cket In order to run the debugger do I have to have the function call in the namespace?


@mario.cordova.862 you don't have to. It should work just fine if you call the function from the REPL.