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I haven't used those, but if you can grab a hold of a Java 8 distribution, e.g. Oracle's, you may have better success there.


If that does help them work, then of course it would be nice if they could be updated to work with more recent versions of Java, too.


I’ve been using lately instead of Gorilla.

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Have a look at Saite - built on Hanami (with reagent and recom) has far more capability than oz


I found oz to be just the thing I need - has the power of the whole vega/vega-lite movement behind it, and it is similar to ggplot2 in terms of expressive power and conciseness.

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You should really look at Saite - has far more capability than oz and uses latest Vega/Vega-Lite


@jsa-aerial I remember you saying you were working on some vega/vega-lite libs. Cool to finally see them out!


And thanks for updating the cljsjs assets; I'll update oz to match ASAP.


To everyone else: regardless of which of these libraries you use, it's super exciting to see the growing tide of interest in Vega & Vega-Lite. I continue to be blown away by how much you can accomplish with them, and the myriad benefits of the data-declarative approach.