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Brian Marigmen20:11:22

CircleCI is hiring several Distributed System Engineers to write high-quality, sustainable, high-performance code in Clojure and Go. Come join a growing engineering organization, with offices located in San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, and Tokyo. These roles can be 100% remote. In this role, you’d be part of a small, distributed team of back end engineers and SRE folks working on the software and infrastructure that powers the CircleCI build system. We’re a fast-growing company now often scheduling up to 3k jobs per minute. We're running 12M+ builds per month – more than double compared to one year ago. You would be working at the very core of our product, enabling hundreds of thousands of developers to do their work better every day. We’re looking for someone who’s curious to develop a deep understanding of our system and excited to solve challenging problems at scale while delivering new capabilities to our customers. If you want to write sustainable, resilient code in a team that values collaboration, trust, and learning, you may be the person we’re looking for. Apply at:

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Vincent Cantin20:11:23

“between UTC+2 and UTC-9” means which between? I am at UTC+8, would it work for you?

Brian Marigmen22:11:18

@U0JRNF3EC - feel free to send your resume to me - <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Vincent Cantin01:11:03

@UAZPDF56H I applied on the website already with a link to my linked-in page (which may not be descriptive enough). Do not hesitate to contact me for an online interview.


@UAZPDF56H would you consider contrators for any of these positions?

Brian Marigmen20:11:13

Our priority is to hire full-time engineers at this time.


okay, thanks

Brian Marigmen20:11:33

CircleCI is looking for a technology leader who brings exceptional management skills to our growing engineering organisation. We are looking for a leader well versed in managing engineering teams to guide our distributed teams as we scale and support them in continuously delivering business value. In this role you will challenge and support our engineers with the individual in mind. Your primary focus is your team and the people in it, and we expect you to build a great culture with diversity, inclusion, action orientation, and openness as our core values. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users. Apply at: