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the server mode of shadow-cljs is freakin awesome!

Logan Powell19:11:13

I suck at this

Logan Powell19:11:02

I think upgrading to JDK 192 broke something, then I said fuck it and tried to replace it with AdoptOpenJDK now everything is broken

Logan Powell19:11:13

I'm no good at ops

Logan Powell19:11:25

well, I'm basically no good at any of this 😄

Logan Powell19:11:46

is there a recommended alternative to Oracle for Clojureists?

Logan Powell21:11:06

Thank you @vigilancetech but there are a few distributions of OpenJDK and the only one that seems to be popular/documented is Oracle's

Logan Powell21:11:20

is there another distribution of OpenJDK not from Oracle that people use?


I have a gentoo based distro (e.g. a lot of packages) and those are the only two showing. If it was at all popular chances are someone would have packaged it up there


can you downgrade?

Logan Powell21:11:11

Sorry, restarted my computer 😞

Logan Powell21:11:18

trying to figure this out


what OS are you using? Maybe you can just uninstall/reinstall the packages?

Logan Powell22:11:16

Welp, I've broken it for sure... I have literally uninstalled everything (Java/Zulu/AdoptOpenJDK/Shadow/etc.) and reinstalled it and am still getting the error above 😞


Now I'm coming from a linux background so YMMV but you can try renaming your ~/.shadow-cljs directory and your ~/.m2/repository directory and create a new project directory and go in there and do shadow-cljs init then see if you can put something in there to work. (`~` here is my home directory. Not sure how that is designated under windows).

Logan Powell22:11:26

Let me give that a go... could it be a cached issue?


it would seem like it to me


I'm kind of a noob to shadow too, but I've recently ported a slightly complex project


the example that I'm most familiar with (and I know works as of pretty recently) is:


you could just clone that rather than creating the new project folder as I suggested above

Logan Powell22:11:23

let me give that a go

👍 4