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Hey, I can switch between “tabs” in tool windows (in terminal for example) with CMD + shift + [, but this doesn’t work in the CLJ repl. I can’t find an easy shortcut to switch between two repls (server + figwheel, for example). Does this exist?


@U06ANT2JK in settings I have "editor tabs->select next tab" for me it's mapped to ALT+arrows


I have that command bound as well, but it doesn’t work for cursive REPL. Works for other tool windows…


remember it working 🙂 are you on the latest intellij beta ?


Ah turns out that’s the problem: 2018.3 EAP breaks this keybind. Thanks!


Anyone using deps and cljs in Cursive? I have a repl up and running, but loading a ns to it (via load-file) throws a java-exception. Copy/pasting the code to the repl works


@U052XLL3A Yep. I have it working with shadow-cljs. Node & browser repl. Seems to work well. I have a demo project public


connecting to the shadow-cljs repl remotly.


@U052XLL3A That’s definitely not expected. What is the exception?


cljs.user=> (load-file "/Users/grav/repo/jadak_test/src/em/server.cljs")
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: /var/folders/qn/4rpthd8s2tzgzd0djlfjhzy40000gp/T/out4344704115653624840351339894246073/em/server.js is not a relative path


I can give you the whole stacktrace if you want?


I get this exception any time deps does an update. Doesn't block anything from working, just mildly irritating, wondering if there's something I need to configure to make it go away.


I'm trying to open an existing deps project on a different machine, the initial sync is failing because clojure itself can't be found: lava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: .. On the working machine, in Project Structure->Libraries, I see Deps:org.clojure/clojure:1.9.0, along with .. There's nothing in there on the broken machine. Clojure tools/cli is installed and I'm able to work with the clj tool as expected. I've tried both sharing the .idea dir creating new project from sources. New to both intellij/cursive and deps.. any pointers appreciated 😬


Have the same issue with a new project.. A difference is broken machine is MacOS Mojave.. both have same version of the cli tools installed via brew install clojure


@U050T7CJQ So the issue is that the deps aren’t being synced correctly. Can you check Settings-&gt;Build, Execution, Deployment-&gt;Build Tools-&gt;Clojure Deps and ensure that your path to the cli executable is correct?


It was missing a value. I set it and now everything is 👌


Managed to miss that in my clicking around 😅 .. Thanks a lot!


Ok, thanks. I’m going to have to repro that since there should be an error message in that case. But I’m glad it’s all working now!


@mitchelkuijpers Hmm, I can’t think of an example which would support that off the top of my head, sorry.


I fixed it by making it from this:

(with-test-env env
    .... some body)
to this
(with-test-env [env]
    .... some body)


And then resolve it as a fn ^^


@frankie Sorry, all the JS interop stuff is still a bit of a mess. I’ve been meaning to fix it for the longest time but have not managed to yet.


@carocad Same answer there, sorry - I’ve been meaning to fix that but have not yet.


@tanzoniteblack No, there isn’t, but if you file an issue I’ll look at that.


@andreas862 No, there isn’t right now, parameter info is the nearest substitute, but that’s View-&gt;Parameter Info rather than View-&gt;Quick documentation. You should get that as an auto-popup after a second, too.


@dave.dixon Do you have the Maven plugin enabled?


No. I take it I should? New install of Intellij.


That fixed it.


Yeah, it’s actually a bug I have fixed in the next EAP where it tried to do some Maven-related things even though the plugin wasn’t installed. But you probably want it anyway if you want auto-complete of dependencies and the like.