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@grav Yes, so long as it is being done as a part of :main-opts in an alias. You will need to use the Corfield comma, though.

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Taking your example:

{:main-opts ["-co" "{:npm-deps,{express,\"4.16.4\"}}"]}


The what-now comma? How come?


Hi, is there a way to suppress warnings for private vars in clojurescript 1.10.439 using leiningen? Figwheel won't load my code because some of my deps emit this warning


@conan Yes. See You can also configure Figwheel to load such code, IIRC.


For your case :warnings {:private-var-access false}


oh thanks! that looks like just what i needed. much obliged


hmm, i get an error saying :private-var-access isn't recognised, is there something else i need to do to get it beyond upgrading clojurescript? there doesn't seem to be a newer version of lein-cljsbuild out, but i assume that's not relevant for the compiler bit.

Found unrecognized key :private-var-access at path (:cljsbuild :builds 0 :compiler :warnings)


I'm looking forward to replace my current clojurescript pipeline (lein-cljsbuild + lein-figwheel) with something more advanced. At the moment I'm choosing between shadow-cljs and figwheel-main. What am I looking for? 1. Standalone clojurescript build setup (not in lein's project.clj) 2. Smaller/easier build setup 3. Better integration with javascript libraries (I'm using reagent with material-ui) 4. Better hot reload and repl experience (I have quite a lot of code, so hot reload speed slowly becomes a problem) 5. emacs/Cursive integration As far as I can see there are two popular options now: shadow-cljs and figwheel-main. What are pros/cons of those solutions and which of them could fit my needs better? What do you think?


figwheel-main definitely covers all of those points better than lein-figwheel, though it's pretty similar otherwise. I think if you are mostly happy with what you have now, it will be a good improvement. Not sure about shadow-cljs but it looks awesome as well.


Also, the deps support in Cursive is still a bit of a work in progress so make sure you are using the most updated Early Access version before diving into that.


@U3A7Z18JZ I just got figwheel-main working quite well together with Cursive, with both the browser and node. Seems to work fine.


@grav @U054BUGT4 how about javascript dependencies? shadow-cljs seems to handle that better.


Yes, those are handled nicely by shadow-cljs. I’m currently just experimenting with figwheel-main, but I’ve used shadow-cljs in a production project


@U3A7Z18JZ I'm pretty sure figwheel-main is the same as your current setup for JS dependencies


@U054BUGT4 my current setup for js dependencies is a webpack bundle + some bindings written manually. I want to replace that with some better solution 🙂


Yeah - might be worth looking at shadow-cljs for that - I think in either or there was some good discussion about things like that (both good interviews, I just can't remember the specifics)


@U054BUGT4 thank you! I have listened to the first one from The Repl and it was very helpful!

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