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I am hesitant to ask this, because i think it must be easy, but is there a way to tell Spacemacs „No, i do not want to install ansible layer, and please do not ask me again“? I like Spacemacs offering me matching layers to files i open (i do not want to disable that completely), but not every time i open a yml file…i am basically looking for a y)es, n)o, N)ever option instead of y/n


there's an option in dotspacemacs. if you can't find it, maybe you need to update it to match the template. pull latest spacemacs, then press SPC feD


I can blacklist packages that i do not want to be asked for there? Thank you…


Thank you, i will look into it again, but i understood it only allows global setting of automated layer installation, not blacklisting ony some layers?!