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Is it possible to send a value to the output panel from the results panel? Is this something that would be a normal reveal interaction?


I wouldn’t say it’s a normal Reveal interaction, why do you want to do something like that? It’s possible, but depends on your setup. If you create a Reveal window yourself, you can just call the function that manages the window to submit values. If you use Reveal as a REPL, usually using tap> to submit values from anywhere is enough


Hmm. I see. I'm pondering what the right "show test diff" interaction is. I want to rely on reveal's deep-diff support, but I'm not sure where exactly the diff should go.


What about opening a new window, like Cursive does, with just the diff?


Oh, hmm… What’s currently possible with public APIs is using action-popup so you can use right click to execute some action


I think I could also create a button of sorts that executes action and opens new result panel, so you could use that…


I discovered the popup-view the other day reading through the source 🙂


Each level there is a popup-view. What I'm thinking is to allow an action to get attached to each one that is "show diff." It could either: 1) update the result panel to show a deep-diff view 2) open a new window showing a deep-diff view. TBH, I'm not sure how to do either 🙈 Given an object, what reveal view can I use to render it like it would be rendered in the output panel?


This is seriously awesome! It would be great to have this in Reveal. If you want to open source it, I'd be happy to maintain it as a part of Reveal


And I'd be happy to help with the impl..


I wonder how you do current test progress tracking


Is it done using some atom and observable-view?


In that case it could have some extra state with currently shown diff, and your view can use that state to show the diff


> Given an object, what reveal view can I use to render it like it would be rendered in the output panel? rx/value-view


Yep! atom+observable-view. I just collect the events and have a single function to interpret the events as the above structure.


Yeah, I don't really care how it is made available. Native in reveal makes the most sense long term for sure.


I was thinking I finish the ui in a library, share it for feedback, and then open a pr against reveal to get it added?


sounds good!


Happy to take your feedback on the cljfx code & ui since I am really new to the whole thing.