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Is it possible to have css autocomplete from CLJS react components using :className key in cider? I’m using Cursive which doesn’t support this. I’m just wondering if it’s possible with emacs / cider.


It sounds possible but I would bet it's not implemented. If you wish to peek/hack, cider-nrepl's stack is Compliment (for pluggable completion sources) + Suitable (for a cljs-specific source:

Christian Johansen08:11:22

Is it possible to complete java methods with complete-symbol? If my cursor is at the pipe here: (.| (java.time.LocalDate/now)) can I somehow have type-appropriate completions? It feels like I’ve had this before, but I can’t get it to work now :thinking_face:


One certainly can get high-quality Java completions. as embedded in CIDER is the responsible for this. Whether things like (. or (-> will be parsed depends on compliment's impl. If you can get some completions but others not, you can always report an issue / offer a PR in Compliment


here's an example of something you can expect to always work

Christian Johansen13:11:42

It works as expected now 😮 I wonder what was going on earlier

Christian Johansen14:11:34

Ok, I have a few follow-ups 🙂

Christian Johansen14:11:30

The reason it didn’t work earlier was that I did:

(.| (java.time.LocalDate/now))
in a REPL where java.time.LocalDate wasn’t imported. If I import LocalDate first, suggestions are available.

Christian Johansen14:11:50

My next question is this: I get a lot of suggestions for completions that aren’t relevant to the specific type. For instance, it suggests (.isRegisteredAsParallelCapable (LocalDate/now)), which isn’t possible. This happens even with a type hint in front of the object?

Christian Johansen14:11:22

If I define a var, then suggestions are type-appropriate


> If I import LocalDate first, suggestions are available. I can't confirm or deny that :) in general I wouldn't expect import itself to make a difference, but maybe I'm wrong or it triggers a coincidentally-useful side-effect.


Compliment has partial support for observing type hints. IIRC it observes them for . but not -> . Personally I use a fork adding things here and there, I'll eventually wrap that up and contribute it upstream Any issues you observe, probably would be welcome as Compliment issues. For making a particularly useful report you can even try reproducing it with a test case (that's in pure Clojure, doesn't need you to be a tooling expert)

Christian Johansen14:11:46

ok, I’ll report it, thanks 🙂


I see there are a couple open issues for . access, they lacked feedback from the people who reported it though

Christian Johansen07:11:56

Interesting, I’ll pitch in

João Pedro de Amorim Paula18:11:00

hello everyone, how are you all doing? i wanted to get some help because CIDER doesn't appear to be highlighting correctly the cljs.core namespace symbols on a project i'm working on. i tried running (cider-resolve-core-ns) on a cljs buffer, with the REPL running and all, but the return is always '(dict), while in clj buffers it returns the full dict object; i believe this is why it isn't highlighting the core symbols. i'm using shadow-cljs if that helps with anything


ℹ️ clj-refactor.el 3.2.2 is out! New: a couple defcustoms, which if tweaked, will match more closely Stuart Sierra's guide. Doc here:

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