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Drew Verlee21:11:20

maybe more of a cljs in general question, but if i want to tap out some information the middle of some logic like the (or x y) (cond-> (or x y) (something... ) Whats everyones favorite way of doing that? in clj i would use enlight mode to see the values. But thats not an option in cljs.

Drew Verlee21:11:53

something like the spy function in this lib


(or (doto x tap>) y)


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Drew Verlee23:11:08

Thanks. that looks perfect.

Drew Verlee01:11:50

@U21QNFC5C is that working for you currently in shadow? I got an error about an attempt to call an unbound fn @'hashp.core/p*


yes it’s working for me. did you include the preload in devtools?

Drew Verlee15:11:59

yep via --config-merge

Drew Verlee15:11:38

but ill try adding it to the preload to shadow to.

Drew Verlee15:11:17

WIth the preload added to the shadow (as opposed to --config-merge) the app compiles but adding #p doesn't tap anything to the shadow cljs inspect stream tap history

Drew Verlee15:11:20

ah ok, its in the console log.


Right, it’s not a tap