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Michaël Salihi11:11:43

Hi, when using a wrapper library who relies on adapt-react-class like (def form (reagent.core/adapt-react-class ant-form)), anyone can tell me what is the common way to access properties from the original React object?

Michaël Salihi10:11:42

in other words, does Reagent offer a function to revert adapt-react-class?

Michaël Salihi16:11:38

OK, thanks. What do you think about retrieving React object via the key tag? (def ant-form (gobj.getValueByKeys form "tag")) so after that I can access: (.useForm ant-form) for ex. Little hacky right?

Michaël Salihi11:11:16

I can see the original object contained in the tag key:

  "tag": {HERE},
  "id": null,
  "className": null