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I am trying to rebuild a failed cljdoc process after putting in the fix, but don’t see how to do this - do I need to bump up my version?


Seems like a Q for #cljdoc but if you've had to publish a new version of your library with a fix (to then you will have a new version to build docs for?


If you've moved the tag on GH but not built and published a new version on clojars, you might be able to just rebuild the existing docs on -- there's an "invisible" button, just to the left of the GitHub code link in the top right of the docs page.


When you mouse over it, you'll see a very, very faint rebuild link appear:


Thanks @U04V70XH6, I just bumped my version to make it happen, but will look into the invisible button trick. There was new code, so yes docs needed updating. This was more of an exercise to publish on Clojars for the first time in years. :)