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Hey there! At we are talking about hiring for a full time software engineering position. šŸŒ šŸŒŠ šŸ“” Join a team of 2 software engineers working hand in hand with a slightly larger tech team (data scientists, world class scientists in remote sensing and water quality). Job description: I joined last November, and my focus has been our web frontend. I introduced ClojureScript to build the new foundation: ā€¢ UI functions on top of Chakra UI thanks to JS components interop from UIx ā€¢ subs and event handlers with xframe.core.alpha from UIx (very similar usage than re-frame re-frame) ā€¢ built by figwheel-main (nREPL driven ready clojure-spin) -> then bundled by webpack Exciting mission, remote team, company based in Portland Oregon šŸ¦« You will work mostly with me (I live in šŸ‡«šŸ‡·) on this young ~800LoC cljs uix codebase. But you will also build new web API endpoints (currently in Python). ā“DM me if you have any question.