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@quoll: I mentioned this before, and it’s not a programming API for arbitrary transformations but you might be interested in our standards based implementation of the W3C’s CSV on the Web (CSVW) spec for csv2rdf: Two colleague’s of mine (one from Swirrl and the other from a client of ours at the Office for National Statistics) is actually doing a talk on it at the Open Data Institute today at 13:00 GMT. Registration is necessary to view the live-stream but it’s free: Our csv2rdf command line tool implemented in clojure is available here: and there are some native-image binaries for macos and linux available too. We’ve also started trying to create some more “consumer friendly” documentation and guides here:


CSVW’s csv2rdf is quite good, when: 1. You have your data arranged in a normalised form, e.g. 3NF or tidy(ish)-data. 2. You want to then map columns to predicates and cells to URIs or datatypes. 3. You don’t need complex transformations; as part of the RDFisation step. You can use virtual columns and URI templates to help build URIs/values


Basically you just need to write a metadata file (which is a restricted subset/dialect of jsonld) that can include some metadata and a TableSchema, which describes how to annotate the columns and cells and essentially convert them into URI’s/RDF.


The standard itself is quite opaque about what CSVW really is… I’d summarise the standard as providing the following: 1. A means of annotating CSV files on the web (or locally). 2. A json(ld) hypertext format for connecting tables together across the web; essentially allowing anyone to annotate arbitrary CSV files from the web and convert them into a connected web-spanning relational database. 3. A standards based way to describe various CSV dialects 4. A way to annotate proper datatypes on top of CSV 5. A way to convert CSV into RDF statements You obviously don’t need to use it for all of those purposes; as it is also a reasonable way to just do 5.


Thanks Rick. #5 may be useful here


Slides from the talk I posted earlier are here: I believe a recording will be available at some point soon