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I am on a quest to get consistent formatting (on command, not automatically) across different editors, again. Most of the codebase is and I have set up Cursive to follow it. Except, that Cursive does not align to :require as it needs to:

(ns user
☝️:skin-tone-2:this is what Cursive does. "Non-symbol lists, vectors, maps and sets are aligned with the first element" so I want:
(ns user
(a filewatcher that runs cljfmt is not practical, until I can get it compiled under Graal, which is a rabbit hole I don't want to be in simple_smile) ( is what we use for Calva)


I don’t think so, sorry, that is:, which I haven’t looked at yet.


@U9E8C7QRJ i’m interested in your quest, if you have any intelliJ XML files and emacs configs that all work together, would be interested in seeing it published here.


@U9E8C7QRJ I’m sorry, I didn’t read your message carefully enough, and assumed it was the same case as that issue. It’s not, the option you want is “One space list indent”, discussed in the doc I linked.


Is there any way to get what I want, that I am missing?