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Good Morning!

Sam H12:03:24

Random one, but has anyone seen a tool that gives you usage examples of common CLI tools? e.g. you can ask it for examples of awk, sed etc I remember seeing this on HackerNews ages ago but can't quite find it!

Sam H15:03:40

woah, thanks @U015KH5ENEM I think it was tldr and howdoi that I may have seen but they all look useful!

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Sam H15:03:57

I was struggling to do a google search as "examples" is such a common thing πŸ˜…


Had a great time in England for the last two weeks. Now it's the process of catching up on everything back home 😞 And let me say that I had some spectacular food while I was there, in regular pubs, so don't let anyone say "British food sucks!" πŸ™‚

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depends what you mean by it


someone was praising eels but local friends told me to not believe everything


and cheap fast food is prevalent, I don't think most British people eat very healthy


Sorry, I just love food and cooking, could talk about it constantly πŸ˜„ Reading bunch of old books, and right now it's this


Another pub we tried with spectacular food:


(we sort of ate our way across the south/west of england πŸ™‚ )


I see. Some of this is a bit pricey, but not all. Otoh, when you said british food I wasn't thinking british restaurant food, that's on me πŸ™‚


Everything in England seemed pricey to us Americans so I guess we're not good judges of whether these particular pubs were more expensive than average for the south/west? But nearly all the food we ate was fairly traditionally "British food" even if it was higher-end than chain restaurant fare πŸ™‚


Mussels, ox tongue, rabbit... Those three dishes stood out to me... I'd have to dig through my photos from the last few weeks to see what else I ate and liked. Lots of desserts too πŸ˜„


I don't know when I ate tongue before, but must've been as a kid if at all. Mussels never. I have no problem eating blood pudding and "head cheese", but mussels? πŸ˜„ we ate an Sunday roast couple weeks ago and it was a great dish, no complaints, but maybe not enough to make me return. Usually I ask for delivery, especially that although everyone pretends the pandemic is over, I don't quite believe it. : D And the best places around here that deliver are Indian restaurants (best naans I ate, like ever) and this pub


but really, almost any food I want, from any part of the world, it's not hard to find in exceptional quality. just for this it was worth moving here : D