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@leif.eric.fredheim In the #announcements thread about Lighthouse, you mentioned how we’ve complained about Kubernetes YAML on the podcast before. That made me think of a general principle. I think lighthouse is a great example of keeping information in a useful format for computation and then “rendering” out the representation you need at the very end.

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What works well for computation is likely different than what works well for integration.


@U0510902N and I like to call it the “internal” representation vs the “output” representation.


Yeah! I think that’s a good principle in general, even outside of programming. For example, AsciiDoc and Markdown serve a similar purpose for having a single human readable source and “compiling” to several domain-specific target formats, like PDF, HTML, EPUB, Word, etc.


Maybe and are better examples than AsciiDoc and Markdown, if we want to stay within the realm of Clojure.


Hiccup is a nice way to express information that can be transformed 1:1 to markup. I haven't gone down the road of writing code that manipulates hiccup, but I certainly enjoy using it.

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