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Daniel Singer15:03:33

Hi folks--my team at Crossbeam is hiring a Senior Software engineer. We have been a Clojure shop since pretty much the founding of the company in 2018, and now have over 20 engineers. We're growing fast, and given the trajectory of the company, we're going to keep growing fast. This means we get to tackle all the exciting challenges that come with scaling a production Clojure codebase across a bunch of teams, as well as the scaling challenges of our core data-ingestion pipeline to handle all the companies coming online. Details are in the posting: we run on AWS and use Postgres, Kafka and ElasticSearch in addition to our Clojure web server and ingestion pipeline. Our company is remote-first, we're mature enough (Series C) to have competitive salary and benefits, and we have flexible PTO/401k match. Also everyone is really collaborative and kind: if you want to know more about working here, feel free to reach out to @hans.conrad @vellalpavani @nick383 @john493 @yiannis @rebstar6 @rjmugge or me!

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