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Logseq is hiring a remote, full-time design/frontend engineer in the USA or EU ±2h (flexible for the right person). From the ad: > 🧠 Logseq exists to increase the knowledge output of humanity. > Build knowledge tools to push the bounds of human wisdom and creativity. > As a front end engineer, you will design, scope, and implement our user facing-products with extreme attention to detail and polish, and regularly venture off into the frontier of human computer interaction.

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Mornin! A little more about logseq. Most of the product is open source e.g. We're building a more user friendly org mode and hopefully something that is more powerful. I ❤️ working here! Happy to answer questions in thread or DM

Ashley Sterken21:02:23

Hi all! I'm the COO at ThorTech Solutions, a software development consultancy specializing in utilizing new technology and techniques to enable our clients to do things today that they couldn’t do yesterday. We have been using Clojure since its inception and currently have a client seeking a full time Principal Clojure Engineer. > The role is 100% remote, offering up to $210K + 10% bonus and competitive benefits. > > The client is a leader in data integration and data integrity, and is changing the way the world makes decisions for industries such as telecommunications, retail, and healthcare. The client provides the only platform that seamlessly combines an extensive range of data integration and governance capabilities to actively manage the health of corporate information. This unified approach is unique and essential to delivering complete, clean, and uncompromised data in real-time to all. We are passionate about helping companies become more data driven; and, if we can be honest, we are all geeks at heart who pride ourselves on the vibrant company culture that we have built. Read more and apply at:;jk=25c5a4872be934dc&amp;_ga=2.36784100.590581645.1644348282-861609878.1627501718

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