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Good Morning!


Hi y'all!


Good morning! Anyone know of a storage-cheap way of building an executable jar (that I can execute with java -jar ...)? runs out of disk space in the build environment that I am targeting (and that I can't change).


Not sure if a shell script can help:

mkdir x
lein cp | tr : '\n' | (cd x; while read f; do jar xf "$f"; done)
jar -cmf uberjar.jar MANIFEST.MF -C x
You'd need to create the manifest upfront,: echo "Main-Class:" > MANIFEST.MF


Thanks! Trying with tools-build now. Will go this way if that fails. 😃


@U0ETXRFEW if fails, babashka also supports building uberjars (for itself, but if you're just packaging clojure source and do the compilation manually, you can package it using that)


Thanks! It is a super simple project. Hoping tools-build will do. But that dependency could also blow up the disk on the target of course. 😃


tools-build worked fine. Reading the again, I realize that something probably went very wrong when resolving the uberdeps dependency: > CI logging shows that the `uberdeps` packaging step runs for almost 20 minutes and then runs out of disk space I can't reproduce this locally, though.


Morning, after some experiments in terms of hardware (PC, Laptop) and software (OSs), and attempt to break out from Apple garden after 10 years of love/hate but mostly love relationship, I finally gave in and upgraded from M1 13" to M1 Pro 16", this is finally a worthy successor of 15" pre 2016 MBP. The last time I felt such significant speedup in responsiveness was migration from HDD to SSD more than a decade ago. 120Hz screen just ruins harmonious relationship we might have with our 4k 60Hz displays, it’s not good enough anymore)) Good old times are back when I could work without any hardware limitations from coffee-shop, 13.3" is damn too small (personal preference). It feels like, I lost 3 months of more pleasant working conditions by not ordering the machine at launch.

🍏 4

i've been eyeing them up, although my 2019 (post keyboard-revamp) model is still great which ram option did you go for ? what's the clojure/jvm experience like so far ?


I need to decide soon.. still do want to break out from Apple, and go for a 12th Gen Intel Windows one. It runs a lot hotter, but performance should be around the same.


@U0524B4UW I went with base model M1 Pro 16G/512G as it usually costs 30-40% more here in Georgia than msrp at and couldn’t justify spending 4.5 - 5K USD on a lap)) For RAM hungry projects I use PC as a remote dev machine, but it used to be the case when I worked in Python world and ML tasks, in Clojure no such requirements arose, yet. Clojure/JVM experience is pretty smooth, installed zulu JDK 17 and Emacs loads up faster than 11th gen i5 6core/12thread, and faster than M1 as well. Also running Emacs 29 from emacs-plus branch without any complications. Compared to previous gen 16" I’d say it still would be an upgrade, but if Apple drops M2 this year, perhaps Fall, which I’d doubt to be honest, it would worth waiting.


@U26FJ5FDM well, I went down that road already back in December/January, built a new PC but I find it hard to achieve the productivity that I have acquired over a decade of working in MacOS ecosystem. WSL 2 + Gui Support + Emacs 29 made it somehow tolerable but still the rest wasn’t there. I’ve got tired of Apple’s marketing bs and lack of interest in focusing on developers but still I’d say for me there’s no comparable portable product in the market right now for an engineer to get the job done without any artificial complications. New MacBook Pro lineup might be a signal that Apple plans to introduce advanced user/developer oriented changes on software side as well.


Yes, I already worked with WSL2 for almost a year, but only for one specific client. So never used Clojure (or Rust) with it. I had bad luck with how long the MacBooks last. Also as I want to hook up 3 screens, they get crazy expensive.


In that case PC is the way to go I think. Crypto-hunt on video adapters might bump up the cost significantly, though.


Portable is still nice, I get my eyes on a Lenovo Legion, hope it's just in time with the 12th gen core cpu. There are some MSI laptops already with 12th gen core cpu.


Hooking up 3 screens to a lap might not be a long lasting journey. Temperature of CPU/GPU in such setup is ought to be carefully considered.


It goes fine with my current 3 year old laptop.


M2 mb air is planned for later this year




I am hesitant to go with apple tho.


I never get to hear the fans on my (work) xps with my daily workloads and I am 99% of the time working from home, so I am not sure it's worth it


But if I was to buy apple it would be for an M2 air


If not apple, I'll likely stick with an xps (+?).


Xps is quickly throttling, so precision would be slightly better I think, but some 'gaming' laptops are even better. It depends a lot on how often you need all the cores at 100 %.


Well, I had Alienware w/7th gen cpu and it was supper damn hot if loaded with heavy tasks, even after applying a thermal paste. Hence, for 2 years it has been mostly laying on a shelf, collecting dust while major workhorse was 15" MBP. Newest chips 11/12 gen are less power hungry though.


The garden is a lovely place. Not perfect, but maybe good enough. 🙂


Agreed, better “place” to do your job.