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Hi all, I'm pleased to announce the 0.1.17 release of re-graph re-graph is a GraphQL client for Clojure and ClojureScript with bindings for re-frame applications. This release improves: • updated all dependencies, should now work with clj-http 3.10+ • updated logging to remove js compiler warnings

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wotbrew11:02:30 0.1.5 has been just been cut • joins can now use more kinds of index. • changed :agg behaviour over all rows in empty collections to enable more kinds of constraint. There has also been bug fixes and other minor improvements since the initial release a few weeks ago, see Oh and if you didn't see there is also made with relic as dog-food that demonstrates a basic reagent integration. Chat in #relic.

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Was going to post in #releases as 'quite boring', but I realised cljidle might ruin productivity for a few folks.


Mine is ruined 👏

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it's still a regular topic in our slack haha


This shoud be posted on #clojure-gamedev, I can spend the whole day clicking as it is now but imagine adding keyboard clicking sounds and adding extra monitors on the workstation 😂


I mean its just a joke and took like 2 hours, but I think I should make a version 2. All good idle games need a transcendence mechanic...


Is this more of a #news-and-articles thing?

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It is, and it was already posted there earlier.


@U02A1N29GSH Please don’t post blog posts like this one in #announcements. I’ll leave it here for now but consider this a warning. Announcements is for announcements only, as per channel description.


Sure, apologies.


In going to delete it from here now that @U02A1N29GSH has responded because I don't want the presence of this to encourage others to post blog posts etc.


Fair enough.