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probably did something weird in my webpack config in the module being consumed

rgm06:02:46 simplest thing I could think of for re-exporting from deeper in the tree, so it's probably something around that.

Sam Ritchie14:02:49

That's the best method I've found too

rgm15:02:51 I'm guessing there's some magic here that would get it to something I could use as [:> mylib/Button ,,,] but this'll do for now.


(.-a (doto (js/Object.) (aset "a" 1)))
;; => 1
(.-a-b (doto (js/Object.) (aset "a-b" 1)))
;; => nil
the impossibility of using kebab case in this notation is intentional or is it a bug?


I don't think that is a bug, because it wouldn't be a legal javascript identifier. Also even if it was, it wouldn't be Closure Advanced Compilation friendly, since you are accessing the property 2 different ways. (foo["myProp"] vs foo.myProp)