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Joshua Suskalo21:02:42

Oh, thanks for the invite, I missed the pings.

Joshua Suskalo21:02:57

Which other talk are we referring to? The "Every Clojure Talk Ever" one? I think there was a third one mentioned but I can't remember the topic. It was when we were talking about that lib from every clojure talk ever.

Joshua Suskalo21:02:31

Also @raymcdermott you can make a non-expiring invite if you like, or set a custom date that it will expire at.

Joshua Suskalo21:02:17

Okay, cool. Just wanted to make since I thought maybe you'd want to make one that would expire sunday after the stream or something.


It gives me a reason to boost

Joshua Suskalo21:02:30

ah, fair enough!


The talk is about making threaded macros more debuggable


And I can't find it 😞