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@cfleming hi there, I have been suggested to ping you here about a problem I am having with cursive. Not sure how much detail you need, but I'll try to give you a bit of context: i'm working on a clojure project that also has some java files; when trying to start a local clojure repl it fails because it looks for a .class file in an absolute path saying it is not a relative path. More details, including the stack trace, should be included in the exception report #20491. Interestingly, it works if i clone my repo in a tmp directory, but it doesn't work in my working directory within the root directory

Jordan Robinson14:02:31

potentially related: (no solution in there though, sorry)


thanks for sharing it @UC3B7UJF2 I actually found this github issue that is exactly what I am experiencing at the moment (still no answer though):


Can cursive highlight when you're passing the wrong type to a function based on fspecs?