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Michael Lan02:02:55

Is there a way to decode URI's? e.g., "%20" becomes " "


(.URLDecoder/decode "%20" java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets/UTF_8)

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Steffen Glückselig11:02:39

Hello again, I think I'd like to use babashka.tasks without bb.edn: I have several "operations" where some are dependent on another - while others are not. I had this hard-coded and I am now in the process of making this more generic. Playing around with the configuration it occurred to me that it resembles babashka's tasks-structure. I wouldn't like to put this into a bb.edn, though. I would like to be able to define and access the tasks in code and REPL. I think it would be great if :task could be a parameter to the necessary functions in babashka.tasks. Or maybe I could smuggle a facked bb.edn-structure in? If one could change


@steffenglueckselig You can access / run tasks from "code" and in the REPL by using (babashka.tasks/run 'task)


and tasks themselves can just refer to functions in your code without any other logic


if you don't want to use the main bb.edn for it you can make another one with --config other-file.edn

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Steffen Glückselig11:02:47

Maybe that's the way to go - I am new to tasks. Currently I am using to provide additional data to the configuration/task-setup. I'll see what I'll come up with...


I've lost docstrings upon autocomplete in VSCode / Calva. Calva channel can't seem to be able resolve it, perhaps it's a bb-specific change?


Nothing has changed to the bb nrepl implementation regarding docstrings Iately. You could try a couple of older version of bb to make sure it's not on bb's end. /cc @U0ETXRFEW


hey all - just wondering if anyone has mixed a todo.txt parser (or alternative to parser) into their experiments with bb? I’m really keen to use something that is data portable but of course realise that the lack of structure to it makes things difficult 🙂 All pointers very welcome. Thanks!


what is todo.txt


it’s a plain text ‘todo’ system -