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Daniel Bonilha18:11:39

Hello everyone ! I am a senior developer at Runops, a 6 month old startup that received its first US$1 million seed. Currently we are 4 people only. The founder, me, and now two more people joined us. We are expanding, and our expectations is to get our A series second/third quarter of next year. The position: • We work 100% remote, does not matter where you are based. • We work 100% asynchronously, this means, no calls. • All decisions and discussions are made in a third party collaborative tool. You can work today, and not tomorrow. Just deliver what is expected in a reasonable time. • We use clojure, of course • Payment in US dollars The company Runops (``) is all about technology! We are changing the way developers and companies access production environments. Our customers are technology companies. We work for them, with them. We provide a nice and secure way for developers to access production (and dev) environments without the need of knowing the credentials. The audit everything with a nice and efficient (and optional) approval flow. We solve a BIG problem. Companies that adopt our service no longer have a dedicated team with production access, and they no longer spend the day running one-off scripts for other people. We do this work for them, and now, they can spend their time doing useful and valuable stuff. We are fast. We are efficient. Our software is reliable (I know, clojure makes that easy). Customers are happy. We are increasing our customers base. Come join us. If you are interested, please reach me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or Best regards.

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