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Arjen van Elteren15:11:02

Hi! I am a software architect from Lisse in the Netherlands. I started a long time ago with C++. spend the first part of my career happily in smalltalk. Continued with Java / Python / Csharp and I am now learning clojure to see how we could apply it in our machine.

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I’ve never tried Smalltalk. I’m curious about how you think it compares when it comes to interactive programming.

Arjen van Elteren15:11:08

In smalltalk environments, you define the classes and methods interactively. So it is more dynamic. You are constructing a database of code,not a set of files.


That is actually very similar to Clojure. You store the code in files, but you don’t need to create them that way. In fact I often have defined a completely different program than what I have in my files.