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FYI emacs-cider does this automatically after jacking in

Sam Ritchie17:11:15

Question for y’all… I just did an OS X upgrade and I am now seeing, on shadow-cljs clj-repl,

Syntax error (UnsatisfiedLinkError) compiling at (/private/var/folders/xw/0lq56zhn4hb4lknppw_k086c0000gn/T/form-init9980842284905073960.clj:1:125).

Sam Ritchie17:11:55

I am going to try and upgrade my jdk and see if that helps… but has anyone seen this

Sam Ritchie17:11:20

seems to be happening only when :lein true is set…


@sritchie09 never shorten stacktraces 😛


I'm guessing you have some native dependency that no longer works with that macos version


if you are on an older shadow-cljs version you should upgrade that

Sam Ritchie21:11:42

fair enough, sorry! I am on the newest version of shadow-cljs and lein;

Sam Ritchie21:11:54

here is the full error and the contents of the referenced file

Sam Ritchie21:11:59

added shadow-cljs info output too