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Jeff Friesen20:11:51

Hi! I’m a founder and CTO of Radiant Labs. Our team is looking for an experienced data engineer and web app developer. The job is a 100% remote and full-time. A European time zone is ideal but we can make any time zone work. We all know climate change is both a serious threat and a serious challenge. We’re taking the biggest swing we can imagine at it. The ultimate goal is to model the most climate-friendly and profitable solutions for every equipment owner and land owner on earth. It’s a truly bottom-up approach that is finally actionable. Just as important as finding solutions for individual decision makers, we aggregate up to decision makers who can influence market conditions (such as gas prices, labor costs). We are starting with buildings, cars and solar PV because that’s where our expertise is. We are currently helping New York State with their climate goals by modeling the energy efficiency, solar and electric vehicle potential for every building in the State. We also are in the research phase for doing land and soil analysis. We’re not inventing new climate tech. Our role is to deploy existing and future technology efficiently into the market. This requires very deep domain understanding combined with a scalable, high-leverage tech stack. Our website ( describes right now what we do for customers. But to get the full scope of where we are heading you can read our 10-year plan: It’s a small team for now and we need someone who is flexible and can take a lead in both data engineering and web app development. Primarily we will be using Clojure and Clojurescript. You should be solid with: * Clojure & Clojurescript * AWS Lambda or GCP cloud functions * Infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation * Docker * Data orchestration tools such as Prefect, Airflow, dbt * Data warehouses such as Snowflake, BigQuery or Redshift (we use Snowflake) * Full stack web app development (frameworks and libraries TBD) We already work with consultants who are experts in Prefect and Kubernetes. Some familiarity with those technologies is great but we have good help there. You will be instrumental in helping us re-engineer our data pipeline from the ground up. We will start that right away. Later this year we will deploy a new web app. What we offer: * Work from anywhere (European time zones are a sweet spot for us) * Competitive salary + equity * No expectations on overworking - our team rarely puts in more than 40 hours/week * Flexible vacation and time off * Budget for professional development * Make a true impact on climate change DM me if you want to talk more!

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Jeff's a great guy and they are doing really important work at Radiant Labs.


Man, I wish I could apply, but that will have to wait at least a few months 🙂


@U8LMD1DMZ meanwhile, please do register Radiant Labs and the job offer in Clojure Sustainability Works, they totally belong there: (I think I already contacted you about this a few months ago, sorry if I let that fall by the wayside) Let me know if you have any questions.


Totally thought about you @U06GS6P1N when I read this post 😉

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