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Hi, does reitit play well with a component library like ?


Yes, it should.

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is there a way to make the swagger select box have value attribute which is an id but shows text I am using spec, up until now i have been using a spec with a set of values but the text and value are the same so looking for a way to have separate values.


@oliver.marks don't think so. You could ask from swagger-ui repo via GitHub issue


okay thanks @ikitommi will see what i can find out


sounds like it may be possible by giving the enums descriptions can wee do that in reitit swagger currently ?


actually think i am misunderstanding that


I did however come across this with a bit of a discussionĀ

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Hey guys, new guy here so please bear with me. I'm trying to define top-level middleware via the :middleware keyword when creating the ring-handler but keep encountering errors when running the server. Here's what I tried:

(defn wrap-test [handler]
  (fn [req] (handler req)))

(mount/defstate app-routes
    {:middleware [#(wrap-test %)]))
and I keep getting errors telling me that wrong number of args are being passed into wrap-test. I'm currently using the latest reitit (0.4.2). I can simply wrap the entire ring-handler inside a wrapper and that works just fine, though I wanted to organise things a bit and hence this approach. I got the above code from going through the docs, but have I done something wrong here? Thanks in advance!