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Does nREPL have a feature that would let me do something like this?

send-> {:op "eval" :code "(+ 1 2)" :my-thing/silent? true}
<-recv {:value "3" :my-thing/silent? true}
My use case is that I want to eval an entire namespace, but I don't want to flood the REPL output with the names of every var that gets defined. Instead, I'd like to just show something like "Loading my.awesome.ns…". I know I can do it by keeping track of the IDs of the ops I'm sending, but I'm just wondering whether there's something simpler I could do.


The documentation suggests that :id is the only datum that's the same in the request and the response, so I think I'll just use that.


hmm.. what client you are using?


as bozhidar said, nothing built in, and this is probably way easier to do on the client side than server


Yeah, I'm currently working on the client side exclusively.


oh cool. a new client!


what's the landscape on the submlime text side of things?


Well, it's got potential. With and (and my plugin, after some more work), I think I could get most of what I'm looking for in a Clojure editing tool. I'm currently using that setup as a daily driver, and it is looking somewhat promising.


I might also need to reimplement and to be more Clojure-friendly, but we'll see.


In sum, it's pretty incomplete at the moment. But I'm hoping I can build it into something feasible.


sounds like a fun project 🙂


That it is, and if nothing else, it has been an education. 🙂


There’s a private channel for Clojure dev tooling authors. I’ll invite you there, so we can support you better.