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If you need to do Sign In With Apple on iOS, I put together a CLJS library for doing so that rewraps the native bindings:

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@joshmiller nice, it's great to see reusable libs for RN!


fixed up some more ugly Krell Android bugs, also if you combine -c -r the REPL will now know about everything that was part of the build so direct use of in-ns works


I am trying to use an npm module with Krell which is exported in ES6 format export default Bluetoothserial; How am i supposed to require that Object? with re-natal i did it like this: (def Bts (.-default (js/require "react-native-bluetooth-serial-next"))) but this does not seem to work with Krell. If i (:require [react-native-bluetooth-serial-next :as bts]) and then try to access it bts/default i get nil back. And thx for the nice work with Krell


check the generated source, you probably need to set :language-out to :es6


will probably add that at some point but busy fixing the bigger isseus


With the latest Krell master, a bare test project based on the tutorial on the wiki is pegging the JVM at 100% of one core while connected to the REPL.


(No emacs/nrepl/anything else, just clj -m krell.repl -co build.edn -c -r)


Discovered on my actual project, then verified on the bare project.


Anybody else? I’m looking to see if I can profile it.

Oliver George22:05:20

Yep, I see the java process sitting on 100% on my mac. Test done with reagent-tutorial and latest commit sha

Oliver George22:05:26

Same with krell sha from tutorial.

Oliver George22:05:21

Given that it's using 1 of 8 cores I hadn't noticed.