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We have 350 closed issues on the repo now. 😃 That is pretty cool. Thanks to all of you who help improve Calva by spotting bugs, suggesting improvements and, of course, fixing them bugs and adding some of those improvements. There are 85 issues open right now, after @brandon.ringe’s latest cleaning-up. We probably should take a good look at it and try see the bigger picture, and decide where to focus our efforts. Personally, I want to get Calva to work in Theia/Gitpod and I want to replace the REPL window with something more maintainable.

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hi all! i’m enjoying calva so far. I’m running into trouble though. Hope you can help me. When I have code trying to read from stdin, I can a user prompt (which is cool), but I don’t know how to get out of it. ctrl+c doesn’t work, escape doesn’t do anything either. It just brings up the prompt again. 😅 When it happens, I have to quit vscode and reopen it.


It depends on the code you have that reads stdin. It needs to continue on some input and that is the input you should give in the prompt.


But is there a way to stop it? Like some kind of interrupt?


I don't think so. You can try Calva: Interrupt Running Evaluations (might need to issue it repeatedly), but I am not sure that will do it.


haha, I wouldn’t be able to because the command palette can’t show up with the prompt there


There’s a keyboard shortcut for it: ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+d iirc. You can check it before evaluating that code causing the prompt. 😃


Oh thanks! Didn’t know that. 😅