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@marshall or @jaret would it be possible to have a copy of the AMI packing script you use for the official AMI? we're very happy with it, but we'd really like to add a Datadog Agent to it. we can technically hack a way in and look around and reverse engineer it, but we'll never be totally sure we got all the configuration you set up. i figure it's simpler just to ask you for it 🙂 thoughts?


hey @U0509NKGK I’ll put together something to share re: how that is built / what matters in there give me a couple days


ah thank you sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman 🙂


should i be worried about DDB related PollingCacheUpdateFailed alerts in Datomic Cloud? and if so, what's the appropriate action to take?

Lone Ranger18:05:17

Hi there 🙂 Is there any kind of a Datomic marketing kit or Datomic sales training?

Lone Ranger18:05:35

pamphlets I can just leave lying around the building lol