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Check out into-docker v1.0.0 and you'll never have to write another Dockerfile! I'm quite happy about it. 🙂

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Built with Clojure and GraalVM (as it is popular these days), with a sprinkle of UNIX domain sockets and love. And of course you can still write Dockerfiles, especially if you want to give back to the community and create an into-docker builder image! If you have a Clojure/Docker project lying around, how about going into the root directory and running the following?

into build -t my-clojure-app intodocker/clojure
(I'm looking forward to your bug reports.)


Just released Dad ver 0.3.0, Small configuration management tool for Clojure. Added nREPL server support! This is heavily powered by @borkdude's babashka.nrepl.

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