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I just started to read up reitit, sieppari & interceptors in general. How do one deal with resources from the class path (like assets served from resources/public)? It’s a bit blurry for me if one should use interceptors only or if mixing interceptors and ring middleware is possible. I didn’t find a “resources-interceptor” but maybe this is what one is supposed to write? Realise this is a bit of a rambling…


@kardan I think what you're looking for is under "Static Resources"

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Ah, I thought I read the docs but apparently I’m a cheater 😞

eccentric J18:12:00

@kardan Perhaps try running lein new luminus test-app +reitit to create a sample clojure web app to poke through.


Actually never looked at Luminus so that would be a good thing in two ways. Thanks

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