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Please, I believe I may have found a bug but I would like to know if another person can replicate it before reporting. Be warned that it will kill Emacs if it "works" for you! Create a new clojure project with lein new app kill-emacs, navigate to the root folder of the project and open a new file and save it on disk. On that file, connect Cider with cider-jack-in-clj and, after it connects, start a code block with <s TAB, write clojure after it and then start to write :results but stop at some point and press TAB to auto-complete it. Here it kills Emacs immediately. This is how the source block should look like, your cursor right after the :res:

#+BEGIN_SRC clojure :res



@U6MEUHZBK I was not able to replicate the issue you had. I updated Spacemacs and packages a week ago. I am just updating now and will try again.


I am unclear why you would put anything on the same line after clojure (although am still learning lots of things about org mode). Can you explain what it should do?


That is where you can define variables and export paths to the following source code. It can be really complex and I only use it with moderation. Examples can be found here:


Thank you, that's a really useful article. I will give some literate programming a try on Sunday and let you know if I can replicate your bug. Are you able to evaluate without using :results after clojure?


Even with :results I can evaluate, the problem is just when auto-completing. If I write it down it doesn't crash. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time


I actually don't do literate programming, but I love to take notes on whatever I'm studying with org-mode, and being able to evaluate wrong code, explain rationales, evaluate some more stuff, and have it all nicely represented and easily exportable is just awesome. 😄


It's a way of literate programming, "programmable note taking" haha but so far I have very little experience with tangling an entire file to produce source code. I just evaluate things in place and print either the function itself, the results or both to my "note".


I'm on latest develop and all packages are up-to-date.