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There's a few LSP for emacs packages right now. I'm not sure which one will win. But also keeping an eye out for:


@didibus that's ace, didn't know one could get homogeneous support for N languages with just 1 package 🙂


Haha ya, I havn't tried any yet though. Eglot actually looks like it might be a better emacs lsp client then lsp-mode honestly.


I would have said the opposite given the contributor/commit count although joaotavora is a good author 🙂


I'm purely going of README gut feeling 😋


lsp-mode having just gone through a major refactor and breaking upgrade, makes me feel like maybe the initial code wasn't great. It also seems to rely on an assemble of other packages which I'm always wary about.


But, I'll probably try both and pick my favorite


Also Eglot has gifs showing how cool it is


good luck with the experimentation!


Just keep in mind that regardless of the client uniformity you also have to deal with the LSP server differences. When I read about features that auto-restart frequently crashing servers that didn’t fill me with optimism. 😄

👍 4

I had a sweet experience with tide, essentially faced no issues, everything worked OOTB and with good performance. Probably emacs-lsp and such are one level of complexity above Tide though, since they aim for something generic. Have you played yet with these @didibus @U051BLM8F ?


I guess we can say the same when we compare LSP to specific language extensions. 🙂 No, I haven’t. I don’t do much programming these days outside of my small OSS projects. For Clojure CIDER’s exactly what I need, and in Ruby I’m way too used to program without any editor support. 😄 I guess I should check out some Ruby LSP server one of these days.


If I ever get to do more Haskell or Erlang I might check out the offerings for them as well.


I tried lsp-mode and lsp-java. I think there's good potential. The good part is that it was snappy. The bad was that lsp-mode and lsp-java are in big flux. I think its too soon to use them. They're still going through some big rewrite. I also couldn't get everything to work. I'll try Eglot next to compare. And I'll be keeping an eye out on lsp-mode as it stabalizes.


Now I might just try eglot tmr and clojure-lsp 😋