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Hi all, I was just reading yesterday’s conversation about clojure jobs in the Netherlands. I know Avisi in Arnhem does some clojure, as far as I know their Atlas CRM is clojure. And where I work, at Nedap in Groenlo, we have started using clojure about two years ago and in the last year we’ve been actively growing our team. We’re now 8 clojure engineers (of the 20 in our department in total), of whom 3 were experienced in it before and 5 are new to the language. We currently have a junior position open on the website (, but there are always possibilities for someone with more experience.


Ah yeah, I saw a vacancy at Nedap some time age, seemed cool, unfortunately Groenlo is too far away for me


Hi @liesbeth yes, I had seen that Nedap is doing Clojure and that is fantastic news and good to hear that the team is growing. Too bad that Groenlo is so far away.


afaik it is remote


Yes, we get that a lot that it’s far away 😉. Most of our people live in the Nijmegen/Arhem or Deventer/Hengelo/Enschede area. Though the preference is for on-site, we do have two remotes. We decide on a case-by-case basis if we think working remote will work out. So is the position remote? Basically the answer is ‘it depends’ 😛.

Lennart Buit10:12:23

(Also at Nedap doing Clojure) I would suggest people who are, except for location, interested in working at Nedap to just submit a resume. As liesbeth said, we generally determine on a case-to-case basis whether to accept someone as remote. Would be a shame if the location would put you off while it would have been a fit for working remotely ^^.

We’re starting to work with ClojureScript at KPN for some internal applications. Unfortunately this is done only in the Maastricht office for now, so probably also far away for most of you 🙂

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While I appreciate the fact that Nedap will allow remote I am not sure that it is something for me... I need people around me and not sure I could perform well if I was stuck at home most of the time.


And also good to hear that KPN is using cljs !

Lennart Buit11:12:00

Ofcourse, just putting it out there

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Unless you make me work on a 'stemcomputer' project 🙂


j/k! 🙂 it's cool a company like Nedap sees an opportunity to attract engineers with Clojure. And to a lot of (former) tutwente students, Groenlo isn't far at all. Hope you guys succeed.

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Lennart Buit12:12:42

what, we made stemcomputers at some point, I dont think we remember 😉

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@liesbeth You are completely right about Avisi using Clojure/Clojurescript. We use it for Atlas CRM and we have internal dashboarding that is built on Clojure/Clojurescript. We currently have a team of 3 Developers and we do Clojure full-time. But Avisi give you freedom in choosing stacks we also have teams doing Elm and Angular (Ugh)


I think we met at Avisi when I was giving a Techday about Fulcro right? @liesbeth I am wondering what kind of stack you ended up with, I know we talked some migrating a Ruby application

Lennart Buit21:12:50

I think that highly depends on the application, we are currently developing about a handful of applications in Clojure all with different stacks

Lennart Buit21:12:16

Liesbeth can best answer for her app indeed. For the rest of them, I think the common denominators are stuart sierras component library and datomic

Lennart Buit21:12:42

In front ends, we have fulcro, re-frame and plain old serverside rendering with hiccup

Lennart Buit21:12:13

Transitioning from Ruby, thats a different beast. I think we are more focussing on strengthening our commitment to Clojure before tackling the age old “what to do with tech debt” question.

Lennart Buit21:12:04

Tech debt is the age old question of Software Engineering right ^^

Lennart Buit21:12:24

(Not trying to snipe the question btw, I don’t know, I like talking about what we do ^^)

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