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I have a Havanese and he just sleeps all day. We have to convince him to go for a walk in the morning :)


I have cat with striped pattern. He probably plans my murder.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:12:32

all cats plan the murder of the humans around them, that’s what cats do

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I feel like cats get a bad rap just because most of them are homicidal. #notallcats

henrik15:12:05 This is our Lhasa Apso, Thor. 14 year old puppy.


He works in security. He screens visitors and conveniently acts as a secondary door bell just in case we didn’t hear the primary door bell.


I don't know the origin of this quote, but love it: "In Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods.... Cats have never forgotten this."


Sounds like Terry Pratchett 🙂


Or Neil Gaiman


There’s a good side story in Sandman about cats.


Is there a way in zsh (or bash) to reference variables you just wrote at the beginning of the line? For example: FOO=42 echo 52 - 10 = $FOO (which doesn't work)


And without exporting the variable globally like in export FOO=42; echo 52 - 10 = $FOO (which works, but then you have a variable FOO in you renv)

Lennart Buit17:12:20

It works in my shell

Lennart Buit17:12:31

FOO=42; echo 52 - 10 = $FOO

Lennart Buit17:12:56

even without the semi

Lennart Buit17:12:04

(zsh user here)


is it possible the ; is meaningful in lennart's example but which is missing from yours david?


Yes with the semicolon it works, but then FOO is added to your env

Lennart Buit17:12:57

well, thats not surprising is it?

Lennart Buit17:12:15

bash is stateful :’)


plus echo maybe a built-in with special rules

Lennart Buit17:12:05

nah, echo is in /bin

Lennart Buit17:12:10

echo is both? what


When you write FOO=42 some-command, some-command's env receives FOO, but FOO isn't saved in your shell env (the one you get with env)


This is helpful, for example you might want to write DEBUG=1 some-command at some point, which works as intended


but if you write instead DEBUG=1; some-command, the next time you call some-command DEBUG will still be set to 1

Lennart Buit17:12:34

shell has many mysteries to me right now


ahah yeah, at some point I thought about reading the zsh manual but nopped out of it very fast


so many features


in bash you can try this: _(){ local FOO=42; echo 52 - 10 = $FOO; };_

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Lennart Buit17:12:02

I was amazed the first time I found a binary called [ in /bin