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@cfleming Hey Colin, I removed the target directory, the .cp directory and the project.clj that I had previously renamed project.clj.back don’t ask why... It seems to work fine now. My guess would be that some artifacts generated previously using lein might have messed things up a bit. I don’t know if that make sense though. Still it works! Thanks.


Feature request (or, is this already possible?): - click on a test assertion failure (yellow “!” icon) - assertion diff window pops up (now for the feature request) - if the same test is re-run, and a new diff is produced, update the existing diff viewer with the new results, so the user doesn’t have to navigate back to the file and click the icon again


hello there


my non-commercial license expired, why can't I renew it, or am I missing something?


@nikola.kasev For the non-commercial licence, just grab a new one.


oke, thanks


BTW @alexmiller, following on somewhat from the discussion in #clojure, I remember you have mentioned a couple of times that you don’t like how Cursive presents exceptions, but I can’t remember the details. What would you like to see there?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:12:20

The number one thing is that Cursive shows only the top exception in the chain, whereas 100% of the time I want the root cause, so I find the default behavior to completely hide the useful info

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:12:10

Now with 1.10, I’d love to see all the work we did on messages and ex-data get used


Right, at the moment it just uses printStackTrace on *e. I’ll look at fixing that, and I’ll look at what I can do in 1.10 too.


Oh nice, I hadn’t seen that - thank you!


I have a namespace compute.alerts.test-utils located in my test directory. I have a in my siderail directory. If the ns looks like this:

    [compute.alerts.test-utils :as test]))

with my cursor where the | is, I do not get any auto complete -- it says "No suggestions". There are definitely public functions in compute.alerts.test-utils. I have tried File > Invalidate caches & restart, which does not help. Any ideas?


Auto complete works for namespaces in my src directory.


@kenny I can’t think of anything immediately, no. Both test and siderail are marked as source roots?


I also tried creating another namespace in the test directory and it doesn't auto complete either.


Are they marked as a source or test root? i.e. blue or green in the project view?


test is test root. siderail is source root.


You’re using deps, right?


Ok, I’ll try to reproduce that.


I get auto complete from namespaces in the siderail directory too.


Actually, isn’t it expected that you can’t access test sources from source root files?


Why? They are all on the classpath.


i.e. it’s essentially production code depending on test code.


Except siderail isn't.


Isn’t it marked as a source root?


Yes but it's under dev alias.


Hmm, it’s possible there’s some assumption about that baked into Cursive, I’ll take a look.


Actually, that may even be baked into IntelliJ, now that I think about it - it’s been a while.


Hmm. That distinction seems confusing. In my mind things are either on the classpath or they aren't. If they're on the classpath, I'd expect auto complete to work.


I added test2 to my :test :extra-paths and I get auto complete from compute.alerts.test-utils. Sounds like your guess along the right lines.


Ok, I’ll take a look. Often these things are more fluid in Clojure than e.g. in Java.


But from Cursive’s point of view, once something is marked as a source root it has no way of knowing if it was marked as such in dev


That seems ok. It sounds like the problem is you do not get auto complete from namespaces defined in a test root when working in a sources root.


Yes, I think that should be allowed, perhaps with an inspection to warn that you’re doing that (since it might be unexpected).


Perhaps. FWIW my use case is I have some test utilities defined in my tests root that I'd like to use in a namespace to experiment.