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Dustin Getz14:12:15

Massive braindump about clojure and graphs if anyone interested:

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Dustin Getz21:12:01

@alexandrkozyrev, here is a tip, you can set custom attribute renderers globally for your subdomain:


(fn [val ctx props] [hyperfiddle.ui.controls/code (-> val js/JSON.parse (js/JSON.stringify :space “\t”)) ctx (assoc props :mode “jsx”)])


works a bit better for json


can you please change a default placeholder for “renderer” field from “-” to smth like “click me to edit”. I spent about 5mins to find out how to open/edit this field

Dustin Getz14:12:13

Thanks, ticketed

Dustin Getz21:12:19

(fn [val ctx props] 
  [hyperfiddle.ui.controls/code val ctx (assoc props :mode "text")])

Dustin Getz21:12:33

That gives you newlines, at least