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Hi! Is there a way with re-pressed to limit / prevent the amount of key presses it saves into the appstate? Seems like it's growing unlimited


@publicz Yeah, it has a max that it tracks as @jahson pointed out


we’ve been using 0.9.0-rc2 for about a week now and have found a couple of bugs


1. we’re getting warnings before about reactives being used in sequences (e.g. for) where we’re not derefing anything and weren’t receiving warnings before 2. a really tricky error I don’t understand that has to do with a re-frame subscription, and some components not being unmounted(?) will try and isolate and repro


both of these issues are fixed by downgrading to 0.8.1


I don’t have a full repro for either of these right now, so I’m waiting to open an issue until I do. but wanted to give the feedback so that folks were aware that there are issues before publishing it